About Us


Here in Western Sydney, vintage clothing was no where close to being accessible. Your best bet was to go to the local Vinnies or Salvos store and hope to get lucky. If you wanted to find vintage clothes, you would have to travel for over an hour to get to where you want to be. Many of our friends & family, love vintage clothing but never had the time to travel the distance. 

We decided to close that gap and bring premium vintage clothing to Western Sydney.

8th Street was founded in a classing start-up - in a garage from Quakers Hill, Sydney. Since then, the brand has grown to become more than just providing vintage clothing from around the world.

We collaborate with communities that aim to showcase talents, encourage creativity, and provide unique experiences. We're focused on nurturing new ideas and letting it reach its potential. If there's an opportunity at hand, let's make it happen.

West Sydney's Home for Vintage Clothing,

8th Street Vintage